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Czech localization services – software, games, apps

Czech localization service – software, games, apps

Are you going to translate your software or app for Czech users and customers? We can help!
We will translate software, games, and online applications into the Czech language.

Czech translations for startups

Czech translations for developers

Czech translations for WordPress

Czech translations for Tech & SaaS

What we translate:

  • user interface
  • alerts and notifications, promo bars and popups
  • transactional emails
  • help documentation
  • marketing texts
  • App Store and Google Play texts
  • websites
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Platforms, formats, outputs

We can work with every platform or file format, for example:

  • MS Office file formats (Excel, Word)
  • PO, POT, XML, RESX, TXT, STRINGS and other file formats
  • Localization platforms: OneSky, POEditor, Crowdin, Phrase, Lokalise, Transifex, Applingua, and other services

Cultural relevance


After deploy check

Product localization workflow

Before your product can be translated for foreign language users, the internationalization phase should be finished on your side. Several members of your product team should be involved – developers, UX/UI people, marketers, content authors.

  • Extracting translatable text from code: content, notes, alerts, placeholders, images
  • Notes for translators so they understand the correct context of translated phrases
  • Currencies, formats, symbols of the new languages
  • UX/UI impact – some button text will be longer, some will be shorter; is UX/UI ready?
  • 3rd-party plugins (wysiwyg editors, uploaders, iframe content)

Prize for translation to Czech language

The price of localization and translation is calculated based on the amount of text (number of characters, including spaces).

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