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We are starting a new blog series Czech Check. Articles will be dedicated to suggestions on how to improve Czech translations of our favorite apps.

Todoist is my love brand. I’ve been using this task manager for many many years. It’s a very user-friendly tool, supports all platforms, is simple to use and provides much more than I need for my planning. Recently, Todoist added a Czech localization – thank you Todoist!

App home:



How to fine-tune the Czech translation of Todoist:

Good work 👍 – the translation is relevant and almost everything in the app is translated. Here are a few suggestions how to improve the localization:


🟥 ‘Doručené‘ is relevant for a mailbox folder, in this context it doesn’t work very well. You may consider ‘Nezařazené’ (means uncategorized) or leave the English original ‘Inbox’ which is comprehensible to Czech productivity challengers.

🟥 English dates are not translated (31 Mar > 31. bře) in the 7-day overview.

🟧 ‘Zpožděné‘ (Overdue)> ‘Po termínu’

🟨 ‘Naplánovat na jindy‘ is not bad, ‘Přeplánovat’ is a shorter option.

🟧 In the Reschedule feature: ‘Otevřít chytrý plán‘ (Open Smart Schedule) > ‘Otevřít chytré plánování’.

🟧 Smart Schedule: ‘Navrhovaná data‘ > ‘Navrhované termíny’

🟨 Smart Schedule – title Re-schedule on mouse-over ‘Naplánovat na jindy‘ > ‘Vybrat termín’



I also found a few missing translations in the Settings menu (

🟥 ‘Notifications‘ > Upozornění

🟥 ‘Integrations‘ > Integrace

🟥 On the Account page ( the most important button ‘Upgrade Now‘ is in English

🟨 On the Payments page ( ‘Účtenky‘ > ‘Faktury’ is better for this purpose


Verdict: In general, I really like the translation and wish Todoist many satisfied Czech users!

This article was not sponsored by Todoist! We are a group of Czech geeks who try to help companies localize their projects for Czech users.