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Here is a list of reliable business resources where you can find information in the English language about the current COVID-19 situation in the Czech Republic:


Last updated on April 6th, 2020:

Covid-19 restrictions in the Czech Republic:

The state of emergency was declared on March 12th, 2020. There are many restrictions and limitations for residents, business and organizations.

The situation changes almost every day (limited free movement, closed schools, forbidden retail sales on the spot, forbidden cultural sport, religious and other activities, face masks required).


Government proposals to support companies, self-employed

  • One-time assistance 25000 CZK for self-employed persons
  • Antivirus employment protection programme – the state will contribute to employers’ salaries
  • Taxes: the Tax office will not impose fines for late submission of personal and corporate income tax return and real estate property tax return, for late payment of a tax claim and for late submission of control tax reports, EET; postponed road tax payment;
  • A six-month holiday in the payment of health and social insurance for self-employed (several conditions to be met)
  • The Rural development program for agriculture, food and forestry industry
  • Compensation bonus to self-employed persons with the amount of CZK 25,000 (several conditions to be met)
  • Moratorium proposal on the repayment of loans and mortgages signed before 26 March 2020. Both natural persons and corporate debtors will be able to suspend their repayments for three or six months, based on their choice.
  • Companies who were forced to close their premises due to government orders, will be entitled to postpone their rents.

Changes of the mentioned measures and several new proposals are expected after the discussion in the Parliament.